A different animal

Shining Lion is a multifaceted company, primarily focusing on technology-based solutions, both enterprise and SMB opportunities.


Secondarily, a dynamic creative resource.

Shining Lion Technology

We're telecom solution consultants who offer products and services from over 300 leading providers, emerging answers in the digital transformation space that best fits the customer's specific IT needs, all within a trusted partnership. 


Expanded Solution Viewpoint

Business creative and technically crafted with highly-respected industry experts-partners.

Technology Viewpoints Trusted/Proven + Enhanced New + Future Incoming + Industry Trending. We'll give you solutions that fit in any and all of these categories.

Business Viewpoints We add other layers, including creativity and established PM processes usually only reserved for large deployments. 

Greater alignment of needs and solutions through more in-depth analysis.

Enhanced PM tools and encompassing account management.

  • Customizable to meet every customer's requirements.

  • CX-embedded solutions and approach way ahead of the current trend of consideration.  CX Reinvented.  


Our Background

Decades of global sales and project management experience at the enterprise level. A consistent reputation of the highest integrity. A high-caliber business partnership.

A recognized creative high-end resource/influencer for technology companies. Advanced Technology + Forward Thinking + Ideal World Expectations.

A critical eye towards excellence throughout the sales process. A trusted long-term partnership that always exceeds expectations, that is always our goal. A goal that's always met.