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While we have a strong knowledge foundation, we bring additional stellar technical resources alongside the providers’ expertise to your door, as needed to ensure better-informed answers to your company’s requirements. The right solution the first time for long term success.

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2020 Shining Lion Offerings

The products and services offered by us through over 300 providers include the following:

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Why Cloud?

Three of the main benefits of cloud computing include self-service provisioning, scalability and pay-per-use.

These solutions can deliver improved business continuity, disaster recovery, and data backup. The benefits include better uptime/resiliency, data reliability, IT infrastructure savings, and faster restoration in the case of a disaster.

We work with industry leading providers to deliver cloud solutions that help businesses get their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance, enabling IT to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.



Some of the benefits from this technology include the following:

  • Low latency and low cost

  • More cloud-friendly

  • Enhanced application performance

  • Still, voice, video and data applications usually perform well.


Why Private VPN (MPLS/VPLS)?

Now usually reserved for the most demanding, highest quality connections like data centers and HQ, combined with a broader implementation of SD-WAN. Class of Service ensures peak application and network performance at these critical sites.


Why UCaaS (Unified Communications)?

Communications is moving from premise based to cloud delivery at a rapid rate due to improvements in VoIP technology and the availability of bandwidth.

Services in this area include the following:

  • Hosted PBX – Voice/Telephony; Mobility Integration

  • Hosted UC – Adds Messaging (email, voice mail and instant messaging)

  • Hosted UC&C – Adds conferencing (audio, video and web conferencing) – Adds integration with collaboration adoption

Additional benefits include:

  • Reducing Capex spending/moving to Opex

  • Ease of Scalability

  • Remote and Mobile Workers need to be seamlessly connected

  • Advanced features

  • Minimizing risk of technology obsolescence

  • Enhancing business continuity and disaster recovery plans

  • Reducing the burden on IT/Telecom Staff so they can focus on high priority business objectives


Why CCaaS (Contact Center)?

Benefits include more efficient resource management across geographies, better automation and optimization of scheduling and maximum productivity.
Clients can quickly build their contact center, fully integrate with their existing infrastructure and bring key staff and data together on the same platform.

Additional benefits include:

  • 100% cloud based administration, many with mobile portals for easy management

  • Infinite scalability

  • PCI, HIPAA & SOX compliance

  • Automate workflow, manage inbound or outbound campaigns

  • Little to zero upfront expense

  • State of the art technology with easy scalability

  • Third party platform integration for email, CRM, etc.

  • No IT expertise required to implement and maintain

  • Adds Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated Call Distribution (ACD), Computer-Telephone

  • Integration (CTI) and integration with other contact center applications such as CRM


Why SaaS (Security as a Service)?

The many benefits include more secure connectivity, better identifying and dealing with security threats, managed compliance, and the lockdown of essential resources.


Customer Support

Commitments are met

Building a strong, long-term business partnership is more than just a straightforward sales engagement. There’s a level of trust that’s earned through a more thorough approach to understanding expectations and consistently surpassing them, most importantly ensuring an ongoing high level of support.

As a consultant representing multiple providers, we’ll never have complete control over the quality of a particular provider’s capabilities around support. However, we commit to closely managing the relationship, enhancing the likelihood all expectations are clear, commitments are met, and challenges/issues are addressed in the most professional, expeditious manner.