Shining Lion doesn’t exist to fill a void

Our philosophy, our approach, our imagination

In its handful of business ventures, there are many other options in each of these worlds that execute well enough to satisfy most who are looking for these products and services.

Enter the realm of the Shining Lion

Journey outside the box

The tactical must be executed as flawlessly as possible. The strategic must bring true, measurable value add. Beyond them both exists a potentially more impactful realm where genius roams, one with lesser-defined boundaries and rules.

Inside the realm of the Shining Lion, one critical objective from the beginning is to journey outside the box with an expectation of bringing something highly differentiated, something of extreme value, solving a problem that never fully materialized in the purely tactical and strategic worlds, often languishing in obscurity. In other words, some of the most compelling challenges exist, unrecognized or ignored, as the result of prevailing overwhelming responsibilities in front of us day after day.

Shining Lion exists to change the world

A partner with a uniquely critical eye

Those obscure, yet potentially impactful challenges can best be undertaken by an outfit that thrives from the outside. Welcome to the realm of the Shining Lion. A partner with a uniquely critical eye.

Welcome to the realm

Essentially, we’re trenching a new path.

Offering and delivering technology in a way other consultants often overlook. Shining Lion works hard to understand the requirement today, how it fits into tomorrow, and ultimately attempts to creatively build a bridge to something even better, all around a trusted partnership that’s been tested and proven for decades. Consistent excellence around a more imaginative approach.

Let us help you evolve.