A different animal

Shining Lion is a multifaceted company, primarily focusing on technology-based solutions, both enterprise and SMB opportunities.

As consultants, we approach the market with tremendous technology experience, forging high quality business relationships. We have access to over 300 leading providers to be a one-stop resource for comprehensive technology solutions around emerging products in the digital transformation space that best fit the customer’s specific IT needs, all within a trusted partnership. Our stellar long-term reputation has been well-earned.


Close attention to details & excellent ongoing support

Close attention to details, excellent ongoing support. Representing your best interests with wide-ranging solutions at the most competitive price, that’s why companies will engage Shining Lion.

We’re influencers

Highly refined business practices

Shining Lion is the intersection of technology, highly refined business practices, and exceptional creativity, forming a new breed of company with a direction towards unmatched excellence, transparency, and high expectations.


Aligning a company’s requirements

It’s about aligning a company’s requirements and core beliefs with a delivery and ongoing participation model designed to exceed all expectations through every stage.


We’re influencers

In the past, we’ve influenced new technology and helped refine methods of forging the strongest business partnerships. Shining Lion intends to do even more in these areas, utilizing tools and processes from a well-established PAC model and encompassing TSO perspectives.

In a highly charged era

Our intentions

The technology world has its share of mediocrity, often failing to fully deliver on commitments around clearly-stated expectations. The principals of Shining Lion operate at a much higher standard and intend to enforce first class communications and execution in every single solution it represents for every single customer, no matter the size.


Be a breath of fresh air

A consistent, high-caliber business partner is a breath of fresh air. Even more, becoming an essential asset to your business, especially in an era of enterprises demanding more excellence, challenged by a most aggressive competitive landscape.

We’re the intersection